The Cue Theatre’s Artist-in-Residence Programs are grounded in the theatre’s mission of collaboration and self-discovery, emphasizing critical thinking, creative problem-solving, team-building, personal expression, empathy and becoming responsible and compassionate citizens in the global community.

Cue Theatre In a Box:Everything your class needs to put on a play! During this 10 hour program – over 5 or 10 weeks – Cue professionals work with the class teacher and students to learn lines, vocals, blocking and choreography. Cue provides script and soundtrack for a curriculum-based play selected in consultation with classroom teachers. The first session includes teacher orientation, script selection and auditions. Cue professionals then work directly with students for 9 sessions using interactive methods to effectively engage students and foster confidence while they learn lines and vocals that reinforce classroom topics. The final session is reserved for presentation of the play. Cost: $500/classroom

  • Examples of available scripts include “Character Matters,” a fairytale-based exploration of character and acceptance of differences, “Rumpus in the Rainforest,” in which students learn about the flora and fauna of the rainforest as told through the eyes of the animals, and “Geology Rocks,” an exploration of the rock cycle and fossil fuels. Many more scripts available.

The Anti-Bullying Project: Act out to change your community! Students work together to explore issues surrounding bullying and learn positive leadership skills in this five session program (5 total hours). The program utilizes script-writing and acting techniques to explore relevant and real-life issues that effect students, the school community and the community at-large. The Anti- Bullying Project is appropriate for grades 3 and up. Students create scenes that can be performed for younger students and each other to demonstrate positive solutions to bullying. This program was developed in accordance with the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) to help schools meet state requirements. Cost: $250/classroom

Cue The Classroom: This two-day Professional Development Workshop trains teachers to seamlessly integrate the Arts and Common Core. Faculty members learn about methods to integrate Performing Arts Education, Academics and effective conflict resolution strategies. Participants explore methods that academically prepare students to glean information from a wide range of sources, enabling students to build depth of understanding in presented curriculum areas. Teachers are empowered to foster achievement and individual creativity in their students while at the same time effectively meeting New York State standards and requirements. Cost: $2,250

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Artist-in-Residence Program

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